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Nickname: Detector

Association: no formal organization

Membership: 126 have been located. Open to all members of the 90th CMB, 1944-1946.


2003: York, PA (Charlie & Gussie Petron, hosts)
2002: Sep 23-26, Wichita, Kansas (Radisson Broadview Hotel)
2001: June 10-14, Minneapolis, MN (Clarion Hotel)
2000: Sep 18-21, Dayton, Ohio (Dayton Lodge)
1999: Oak Park Inn, Waynesville, NC
1998: Jekyll Island, GA
1997: San Antonio, TX
1996: Greenville NY (Sunny Hill Resort)
1995: Sep, Ft Bragg, NC

Contact: Perry F. Dominy (1922-2014), Toomsboro GA

Newsletter: Detector Digest

     The first meeting of 90th veterans was in the early 70's, possibly in the 60's, and was started by Sam Baker, former Co B CO, and members of his staff. Others were brought in as time went by, and the group reached 20-25 former members. Then attrition began to reduce their ranks. In 1994, Perry Dominy started a search for old comrades, and by luck made contact with the above group. By pooling names, addresses etc, we had a full-blown reunion at Fort Bragg in September 1995. The following year we met at Sunny Hill Resort in the Catskills near Greenville, NY. In 1997 we were in San Antonio, and in 1998 we met at Jekyll Island, GA.
     Vern (Luke) Lucas served in the 90th CMB, Co C, 2nd platoon, and recently offered this information: Our battalion was the first to use the artillery sight in place of the infantry sight. An artillery officer was assigned to us and we developed firing commands, use of the aiming circle, etc, to lay in the mortar and fire similar to the artillery method. I understand the firing commands we used were modified slightly for use by units formed after us.

Activated: 10 Feb 1944 as 90th Chemical Bn Motorized at Fort Bragg, NC


10 Feb 1944 - 15 Oct 1944 Ft. Bragg, NC
16 Oct 1944 - 22 Oct 1944 Cp. Kilmer, NJ

Redesignated: 3 Dec 1944 as 90th Chemical Mortar Bn

Inactivated: 20 Feb 1946 at Fort Jackson, SC

Overseas: Arrived NYPE 22 Oct 1944, England 2 Nov 1944, France-ETO 3 Feb 1945; returned BPE 6 Jul 1945

Campaigns: Central Europe, Rhineland

Number of men killed in action: 4

Number of men wounded in action: 38

Number of days in combat: 81

Number of rounds fired: 31,815

History and diary

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