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Shoulder patches: The men of the 100th wore the shoulder patch shown above. The Patch Page displays all the patches we have been able to obtain of this and other chemical mortar battalions.

Nickname: None known

Association: There is no record of formation of a veterans' association, thus no reunions or an association membership or contacts. If you have any information regarding the 100th in WWII, please share it.

Activated 30 Aug 1944 as 100th Chemical Bn Motorized in La Fagianeria, Italy, from 637th AAA Bn.
Note from Paul Polimeni, Co A of the 100th: The 637th AAA Bn trained in Camp Stewart, Georgia, shipped out to Casablanca, Africa, on the S.S. Monterey, and from there went to Naples, Italy, where it soon became the 100th Chemical Mortar Bn.

Redesignated 15 Nov 1944 as 100th Chemical Mortar Bn

Inactivated 13 Oct 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, MA

Overseas: Italy only; returned to BPE 12 Oct 1945 on the liberty ship Alexander Graham Bell.

Campaigns: Rome-Arno, North Apennines, Po Valley,

Number of men killed in action: 5

Number of men wounded in action: 5

Number of days in combat:

Number of rounds fired: 62,679

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