Shoulder Patches of
Chemical Mortar Battalions

Many chemical mortar battalions had their own shoulder patch, proudly worn by the men in those units, even though such patch may not have been officially authorized by the Deparment of the Army (patches were rarely authorized for units smaller than division). Where we have been able to obtain a digital image of one of these patches, it is shown on the appropriate battalion's page, accessed from the list on the home page, or by the unit's number below. Displayed below are all of the patches we have been able to obtain so far. We are indebted to two avid collectors: David Kaufman, who supplied us with most of these images, and Howard Lanham. If you have a chemical mortar battalion patch that is not in this collection, please let us know about it. We'd like to add it to our diplay here, and can help with making a digital image of it. Send e-mail to the Webmaster or postal mail to Rodney Young, 251 Pine Mdw, Spring Branch, TX 78070

2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion

2nd CMB patch 2nd CMB patch B 2nd CMB patch C 2nd CMB patch D

81st Chemical Mortar Battalion

91st CMB patch

82nd Chemical Mortar Battalion

82nd CMB patch

83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion

83rd CMB patch 83rd CMB patch

84th Chemical Mortar Battalion

84th CMB patch A 84th CMB patch B 84th CMB Shield

86th Chemical Mortar Battalion

86th CMB patch

89th Chemical Mortar Battalion

89th CMB patch 89th CMB patch

91st Chemical Mortar Battalion

91st CMB patch

93rd Chemical Mortar Battalion

93rd CMB patch A

96th Chemical Mortar Battalion

96th CMB patch A

100th Chemical Mortar Battalion

100th CMB patch A 100th CMB patch B

461st Infantry Battalion (Heavy Mortar)

461st Inf Bn (Heavy Mortar) patch Obviously the 461st Inf Bn (Heavy Mortar) was not a chemical mortar battalion. However, it was the direct successor to the 2nd Cml Mortar Bn. In January of 1953, the 2nd was disbanded and the 461st was organized, the latter taking over all the men and equipment of the 2nd, and continuing with the same mission and methods of operation until the signing of the armistice in July of that year. The shoulder patch of the 461st is identical to that of the 2nd except for the addition of the tab. Members of the 2nd in Korea did not wear any tab. In October 1953, the 461st was redesignated the 88th (see below).

88th Infantry Battalion (Heavy Mortar)

88th Inf Bn (Heavy Mortar) patch Obviously the 88th Inf Bn (Heavy Mortar) was also not a chemical mortar battalion. It was simply the successor to the 461st Infantry Battalion (Heavy Mortar). In October 1953, the latter was redesignated the 88th (see above).

For interesting background on shoulder patches of the United States Army, and illustrations of many patches of all branches of the service, see Howard Lanham's website.

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