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Nickname: Camel Caravan

Association: 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion Association


2004: Oct 5-7, Baltimore/BWI Airport
2003: Oct 1-2, Charleston, SC
2002: Sep 17-18, Gettysburg, PA
2001: Oct 1-3, New Orleans LA
2000: Sep 26-27, Niagara Falls NY
1999: Sep 21-23, Washington DC

Contact: Bruce Elliott

Address: PO Box 498, Henniker, NH 03242
Phone: 603-428-7050

Newsletter: Camel Caravan

Activated: 22 May 1943 as 87th Chemical Bn Motorized at Camp Rucker, AL


22 May 1943 - 31 Jan 1944 Cp. Rucker, AL
3 Feb 1944 - 24 Mar 1944 Tennessee Maneuver Area

Redesignated: 26 Apr 1945 as 87th Chemical Mortar Bn

Inactivated: 6 Nov 1945 at Fort Benning, GA

Overseas: Arrived NYPE 31 Mar 1944, England 7 Apr 1944, France-ETO 6 Jun 1944; returned NYPE 2 Aug 1945

Campaigns: Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland

Number of men killed in action: 65 (see Honor Roll of names)

Number of days in combat: 326

Number of rounds fired: 184,010 total (74,406 WP and 109,604 HE)


Memorial at Edgewood to 87th Chemical Mortar Bn This monument is to the 87th Chemical Mortar Bn, the Camel Caravan. On 12 June 1998 at the former Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, the battalion dedicated a monument to its members who made the supreme sacrifice during combat in Europe in World War II. The monument is located at the edge of the parade ground near the post chapel. This is now known as the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground, earlier known as Edgewood Arsenal and then as the Army Chemical Center.

Tales by Glenn Brunt - Julian Brunt served with the 87th in training and in combat, and has passed on many personal-interest stories about that service in Co A to his son, Glenn, who re-tells some of them here.

Honor Roll
Men Killed In Action

Barela, Louis
Barker, George R.
Bernardo, Anthony J.
Bloise, Joseph L.
Bonafin, Eugenio L.
Cape, Willie L.
Cence, William A.
Collins, William S.
Clancy, Jeremiah
Cummings, Wlliam A.
Czerwinski, John
DeWitt, Marvin J.
D'Orazio, Armondo L.
Doyle, Edward F.
Duncan, Frederick A.
Eckhoff, Kenneth A.
Edmiston, William R.
Fiske, Stephen F.
Fowler, Thomas J.
Francis, Philip
Gagliardo, Victor U.
Gaston, Joseph M. Jr.
Grizzle, Raymomd O.
Gump, Arthur L.
Hild, Arthur J.
Kennock, Walter
Kolman, Leslie
Kopicki, Roichard J.
Kuenzi, Robert E.
Kuhn, George B.
Mannix, Gordon C.
Martin, George J.
McGovern, Edward J.
McKinley, Warren C.
McQuiston, Warren K.
Misinay, Michael
Morison, Robert L.
Ohlson, Lief C.
Olubowicz, Steven
Owens, Alton L.
Preder, Norman H.
Pominowski, Stanley
Rubenstein, David H.
Schoenwalter, Steve L.
Scott, Orville F.
Shouse, Harold W.
Schuller, Henry M.
Schultz, Austin N.
Schwartz, Norman W.
Shanahan, William E.
Simon, Leanord E.
Smarth, William A.
Smith, Frederick R.
Sullivan, James J.
Taylor, Ray O.
Thomas, David
Thrower, Spencer G.
Tomsovic, Charles J.
Volcjak, Carl C.
Walker, Robert C.
Wilkevich, Joseph R.
Williams, Henry S.
Williamson, Robert L.
Wooten, Samuel J.
Young, Gilbert
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